Organizational Behavior

Human groups often act in several predictable ways. Join us for an exploration of these patterns and their relevance to leaders, including how they can be used to motivate employees, guide groups through change, and communicate effectively. We’ll also cover values-driven leadership, leveraging personality, and emotional intelligence.



Organizational Behavior

This course is a practical guide to applying organizational behavior research to your work for improved results. You’ll start by taking an assessment to identify your leadership style, which can help you lead authentically and resolve conflict in your organization. We’ll teach you tips for building a positive company culture with lowered stress so that you and your team can thrive and produce better work.


Topics Include:

  • Individual vs. group decision making
  • Social intelligence
  • Best practices in talent management



COL Tracey Poirier is the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at Norwich University where she also instructs classes in anthropology and leadership. She is responsible for the Center for Civic Engagement, the Shaw Outdoor Center and all of Student Activities on campus. She also manages Institutional Emergency Preparedness and is a primary developer of the Denver Expedition opportunity. She graduated from Norwich University in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Communications. She went on to complete her graduate education at Oxford University in England as a Rhodes Scholar earning two Master’s degrees, one in Anthropology and one in Human Resource Management. A former Marine Corps Public Affairs Officer, Colonel Poirier is also an actively serving member of the Vermont Army National Guard currently serving as the Commander, 124th Regional Training Institute. Poirier previously served as the Commander of the Brigade Support Battalion for the 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team and was a distinguished graduate of the Carlisle Scholars Program at Army War College, earning a Master’s of Strategic Studies. She has recently returned from a deployment to Northern Iraq with the Joint Special Operations Command as a Task Force Chief of Staff.

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