Operations and Organizations

Public works organizations function in unique ways, and thriving in them requires understanding their special nature. Take this course to better understand public works culture, operations, leadership, ethics and values. Additionally, we’ll cover the RFP process and the impact of the regulatory environment on public works operations.



Operations and Organizations

The quality of public works projects and operations significantly affects the well-being of the communities they serve—from the quality of roads, bridges, and water to effective and safe snow removal and waste storage. Although technology is always an important part of successful operations, good leadership and quality of the relationships play a significant role too. In this course, we challenge you to consider how to improve services and operations in various ways.


Topics Include:

  • Why public works professionals need strong, mutually beneficial relationships with the communities they serve.
  • The scope and nature of public works operations and services
  • The critical need for collaboration and innovation
  • Organizational structure in the public works sector and its pros and cons
  • Best practices for conducting online research
  • Ethics in public works



Kurt Blomquist, MS, has served as the Public Works Director for the City of Keene, New Hampshire for the last 21 years. He spent 27 years in the US Air Force—8 on active duty and 19 in the Reserves. In the Air Force, he was a Civil Engineering Officer serving in various positions involving the maintenance, repair, and construction of facilities and infrastructure. He retired in 2012 as a Lieutenant Colonel. Kurt graduated from Norwich University with a BS in Civil Engineering, participating in the Corp of Cadets, and received his Master’s of Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. He is a registered Professional Engineer in California and New Hampshire and is actively involved in professional associations at the state, regional, and national level.

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