Managing Complexity

Projects have countless elements to manage—from the varied stakeholders and overlapping deadlines to the limited resources and their tendency to grow in scope. They’re complex. Don’t let that lead to project failure. Join us to learn about bringing order to that chaos.


Start Date: April 22 2024

Managing Complexity

This course covers scope management, mitigating common project challenges, and how to prevent and deal with feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. We’ll analyze cases of real projects to explore why they succeed or fail. Additionally, we’ll discuss how to cut through red tape and proven techniques for moving forward when you feel stuck.


Topics Include:

  • Applying Agile Project Management approaches to your work
  • Employing Design Thinking methods and other problem-solving strategies
  • Using specific tools for systematic prioritization
  • Simplifying projects with Lean principles and tools like Kanban
  • Keeping the big picture in sight using Burndown Charts and other techniques


Price: $599.00