Applied Psychology in PM

How can we leverage human psychology to get what we need from ourselves and others? In this course you’ll tackle this question through the study of organizational behavior, the psychology of motivation, leadership and purpose, personality and emotion, change, communication, and conflict.



Start Date: February 12 2024

Applied Psychology in Project Management

Humans often behave in predictable ways, and understanding these tendencies can help project managers accomplish more. Join us for an exploration of these patterns and how they can be used to motivate employees, resolve conflicts, guide groups through change, and communicate more effectively—skills that are especially important for project managers who frequently are not in positions of power. Other topics include values-driven leadership, adapting messages for different personalities, and emotional intelligence.


Topics Include:

  • Evaluating personality type using Myers-Briggs and Big Five assessments
  • Using the preferences of various personality types to achieve goals
  • Confidently and accurately using the language of the profession in interviews and on the job
  • Identify your values and the values of others to better recognize motivation and more effectively influence others
Price: $599.00