Industrial Control Systems

"This 6-hour, hybrid delivery course is comprised of three, two-hour classes and introduces students to the fundamentals of industrial control systems (ICS) in smart grids and energy systems, including their function in a microgrid system, cybersecurity threats and risks, and cybersecurity resilience and recovery.

This course will introduce mid-level professionals on military installations (deputy garrison commanders, directors of public works, energy managers), as well as military personnel in tactical formations (battalion and brigade executive officers, communications officers, engineer officers) to the fundamentals of industrial control systems, the role of telecommunications and automation in the operation of industrial control systems, the risks of cyber threats to industrial control systems, and cyber resilience and recovery as they pertain to industrial control systems.

The course focuses on the basic skills and knowledge needed to understand industrial control systems and their role in energy generation and distribution systems.

The key course topics include:

- Fundamentals of industrial control systems.

- Cybersecurity threats and risks to industrial control systems.

- Cybersecurity resilience and recovery for industrial control systems.

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