MT310: Introduction to Mental Toughness and Assessment

The world in which we live is full of pressures and stressors. This course will help you to develop a basic understanding of Mental Toughness (MT) and its applications by providing the knowledge and confidence needed to transform both you and your organizations into resilient, decisive, and performance-oriented individuals, teams and organizations.



Introduction to Mental Toughness and Assessment

Participants in this course will gain fundamental knowledge of Mental Toughness (MT), its history, development, terminology, technologies and impact in all types of organizations. Students will be assessed with the MTQPlus and gain a broad view of MT, its definitions, the state of development and the implications for government, industries, and individual sectors.


Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Mental Toughness and the 4 C's Model
  • Stress and Mindset
  • History of Mental Toughness Development
  • Mental Toughness and the MTQPlus Measure
  • Control, Commitment, Challenge and Confidence
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