Data Visualization

Graphic representation of data is a way to communicate data visually. This course will help you develop your skills in plotting, graphing, testing, and more.



Data Visualization

Develop your skills in analyzing and graphing data. Better portray your data visually by understanding the basic concepts around what to graph and how.


Topics Include:

  • Asking a good data question and correlation versus causation
  • Visualization for analysis - correlations, boxes, and Pareto charts
  • Statistical hypothesis testing
  • Data pitfalls, biases, fallacies, and limitations



Dennis McGrath is an engineer with more than 30 years of experience using data to make better decisions. He received both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees from Rutgers University. His career spans multiple sectors including government/military, healthcare, finance, and homeland security. As an engineer for the Naval Air Warfare Center and later with Lockheed Martin, he worked with Navy aircraft and ship-based combat systems. As a researcher at Dartmouth College and Norwich University, he was principle investigator for multiple projects investigating technology for infrastructure protection and disaster response. More recently, he has been a consultant to several New England hospitals using Six Sigma methods to spearhead data-driven process improvements.

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