CC310: Introduction to Compliance Investigations

With the growth in the number and complexity of laws and regulations since the early 20th century, the need for formal compliance programs within organizations has risen significantly. This change has naturally resulted in growing demand for professionals who can conduct proper business compliance investigations. Because regulations will continue to accrue and change, now is a great time to prepare yourself for this important line of work.


Introduction to Compliance Investigations

This course covers foundational information, including the definition, purpose, history and development of compliance in the United States. You’ll learn how to build a culture of compliance in your organization. Additionally, you’ll walk through the steps of creating a sustainable compliance plan.


Topics Include:

  • Developing an effective compliance program
  • Factors that contributed to the development of modern-day compliance programs
  • Department of Justice requirements
  • How to effectively hire and train a strong compliance team or choose a compliance committee


Larry Potts, MS, is a renowned corporate compliance and security expert. Most recently Larry was Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Corporate Security for Scientific Games Corporation where he developed and implemented processes for conducting business in 50 countries and oversaw 4000 due diligence investigations annually. Prior to his extensive corporate experience, Larry worked for the FBI for 24 years as Chief of the Public Corruption Unit, Chief of White-Collar Crimes, AD in Charge of Criminal Investigative Division, and Deputy Director.

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